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Legislative/ Regulatory Activity

Regarding issues pertaining to occupational safety and health, the BCTGM has actively supported passage of “The Protecting America’s Workers Act (H.R. 2067, S 1580)”, which would make improvements to the current OSH Act by expanding coverage to certain workers not currently covered, increase penalties for certain violators, expand workers’ and union rights in OSHA inspections and enforcement cases, and enhance anti-discrimination protections for workers who raise job safety concerns and report job injuries.

The BCTGM also believes that many of the current standards in the OSH Act need to be improved upon while new standards need to be written for emerging hazards. In this regard, the BCTGM supports a comprehensive combustible dust standard for general industry, a standard regulating the use of diacetyl, a butter-flavoring used in the food industry that has been linked to degenerative lung disease, and the re-implementation of the MSD column on the OSHA injury and illness log, amongst other issues.