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Local 358 (Richmond), Setting Goals and Making Organizing Happen!

Posted by BCTGM - December 9, 2007 - Organizing

How long does it take for a local union to add organizing to their local union philosophy and how long does it take to become successful?  Just ask Local 358 (Richmond, Virginia) Financial Secretary Ted Constable and President Ray Daniels, because they have been there!  After getting being elected as officers of the local, Constable […]

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Weston’s Cake Bakery in Hazelton, Pa. Joins Local 6

Posted by BCTGM - November 9, 2007 - Organizing

BCTGM Local 6 (Philadelphia) organized Weston’s new cake bakery in Hazelton, Pa., according to International Vice President Bob Oakley.  The bakery is the site of the former Boboli Pizza Crust & Waffle plant (also formerly owned by Weston’s), which was organized by Local 6 and the International Union on October 3, 2001. Boboli closed October 25, […]

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Local 3 Organizes Essential Wholesale Cheesecake, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Posted by BCTGM - September 9, 2007 - Organizing

BCTGM Local 3 (Long Island City, New York City, N.Y.) successfully organized Essential Wholesale Cheesecake in Brooklyn, N.Y. Local 3 President Narciso Martas stated that it was the bread and butter issues (wages, medical coverage and pension) that lead to the successful organizing campaign which ended in recognition. Essential produces wholesale cheesecakes for the New […]

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Benson & Hedges, Montreal Joins Local 261T

Posted by BCTGM - April 9, 2007 - Canadian Worker News, Organizing

International Vice President Sean Kelly reports that Local 261T ( Quebec City, QC) has successfully organized the warehouse workers employed by Rothman, Benson & Hedges Tobacco in Montreal. These warehouse workers fill salesperson orders. The organizing campaign concluded with certification and no election, after a majority of the authorization for representation cards were provided to […]

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Local 70 Organizes Roskam Baking (of Rothbury Farms)

Posted by BCTGM - January 9, 2007 - Organizing

International Vice President Bob Oakley reports that the International Union and BCTGM Local 70 (Grand Rapids, Mich.) has successfully organized Roskam Baking (of Rothbury Farms). This plant is located on 44th Street in Grand Rapids. Vice President Oakley worked on the campaign and credits International Representative Jimmy Condran and Local 70 Business Agent/Financial Secretary Orin […]

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